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Posted on Fri, Mar 15 2019 06:00:00
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Our intent is to post weekly blog updates (sometimes more often) on a range of subjects that relate to the realm of Wine/Beer/ Spirits/Saké. At times our focus will be on local products/industry trends, however we’ll also cover topics on both a National and International level – it’s a big world out there!

One of the key goals of Somm4All is to cut through the “static” and the “noise” relating to the adult beverage market – we’ll continue to do that here in our blog posts. Whether it is helping to demystify the marketing jargon that is used on product labels, or to provide context to why particular regions are best suited to produce certain product styles, we promise to do so with easy to understand language. We do not subscribe to the practice of using complex, industry-created descriptors that, in our opinion, only serve to add pretention to a product and ultimately confuse the general populace. We want to make it easy for you to understand and thus make your own informed decisions on whether you may enjoy a certain product, or for you to learn something new. No pretense – no BS.

We’ll also share and discuss trending topics in the industry, such as the importance (or perhaps lack thereof) of food and wine pairings, the reasons for product price ranges, and even what it means to be a Sommelier. At all times we’ll do our best to remain objective on the subject matter and to ensure information shared is as accurate as possible - we will also draw upon our personal experience and formal education to debunk certain myths and/or provide different insights. We believe informed consumers make informed decisions.

Occasionally we’ll highlight a certain region or product style and take a deeper dive into what its key attributes are, what to look for on a label and what you can expect from the product. These posts will help you better understand why you may like a particular product from a certain region, and also allow you to discover new favourites (and even some hidden gems ;) ).

To stay up-to-date with the latest updates, reviews and interviews from Somm4All we invite you to follow us on social media - Somm4All is available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube - icons for each account are located in the top right corner of this page with direct links to our respective pages. 

Thank you for taking the time to join us here as we embark on this new journey.



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