Brand Ambassadorship

Brand Ambassadorship

Whether you are an agency, a retailer, a tourism board, a winery, distiller or brewmaster – no matter who - you NEED to work with us.

Why?  Because we are Somm4All.

We are Accredited Sommeliers. We are Professionals. We are the experts with the tools that you need in order to provide your target audience with unique, on-site experiential marketing services that go far beyond a simple “pour & taste”.

Yes, we can do a simple pour and taste as well, but why would any client settle for just that?

Our knowledge, passion, and experience allow for us to engage your prospective customers and to take them on a journey with your product – thereby creating that all important connection.

You need more than just any warm body reading a spec sheet to people – you need a pro to actually reach your audience, to tell your story, to embrace/answer questions, and to educate them on your product.

Simply put – you need Somm4All.

Wine/Beer/Spirits/Saké- if you are introducing a new product or want to increase sales/market share of an existing one, contact us today. 

Both short-term and long-term contract options are available.

Let Somm4All build you a program that will deliver results.