Personal Services

Somm4All is pleased to offer personal Sommelier Services at an individual’s home or at a private location, including, but not limited to:

  • Special Occasion Tastings: Whether you are looking to compare the attributes of a particular style and/or region, or looking to explore and find new favourites, Somm4All has the tools to enlighten and broaden horizons via our educational, fun and interactive Sommelier Guided tastings.
  • Menu Pairing: If it is for a romantic dinner for 2, special theme, or a Holiday group gathering, we will work with you and your budget to find the perfect line-up to make this a memorable event.
  • Wine Organization: Do you have an assortment of bottles and are unsure what they really are? Which ones should be enjoyed young? Which ones are better left to age ? What food do they pair best with ? Somm4All will review your collection and provide you with a simple, custom report to help ensure you get the most out of your cellar. Based on your preference for taste we can also make recommendations for future purchases.

Have something different in mind ? Contact us today! Working directly with you and your vision, our team will be pleased to create a personalized experience that you won’t forget!

Corporate Services

Somm4All can help grow your business - from Entrepreneurs to Corporations, we can tailor programs that will boost productivity and increase customer retention.

For new and/or re-branded business we can help increase awareness and bolster foot traffic to grand openings, showcases, etc., as our unique service offerings we will attract people to your location.

Client appreciation events reinforce a commitment to their ongoing satisfaction with your product/service, reaffirming their loyalty to your brand. Happy clients who feel valued lead to increased sales and revenue.

Employee workshops are team building events that translate into a happier workforce who feel appreciated and valued. This leads to a more positive workplace environment and increased productivity.

If you already have an event planned, Somm4All would be pleased to consult your food and beverage menu to ensure your guests' receive the best experiences possible .

Contact us today to have Somm4All build a customized plan just for you.